you want to use satnav apps on your phone

The Spigen Kuel is a good option if you want to mount your phone in a car and you need a small, compact phone. The design is as straightforward as it gets. Four spring-loaded, anti-slip jaws cover the vents on the back. There is only a small magnetic pad on the front. It’s a solid, one-piece piece with no adjustment. As with other magnetic holders, you will need to attach a metal plate to the phone, or place one in the case. However, as with the Lisen you get the best results when you stick the steel plate against the magnet.

Spigen was not working properly. The phone is very flat and low-profile, which means that recessed vents (like the Mazda on which we tested it) will make it difficult to arrange the device so it stays in place. You can only move your vents left and right if you don’t adjust. Between the two, it left our phones Cell Phone Seat pointing up in an unfavorable angle. The device was functional, but it wasn’t very convenient.

The arms and magnets were also not strong enough for us. The Galaxy S10+ was attached to the vents, which we cleaned thoroughly using our favorite cleaner. Magnets were not as powerful as Lisen either. The Spigen Kuel is a good choice if you want to use a phone holder that’s slim and unnoticeable, and also one of the cheapest. (It was only $14 at the time of publishing this article on eBay). We recommend Lisen or Ram Mount if you drive on bumpy roads or have a flagship smartphone.

PopSockets used to be everywhere four years ago. Since then, we haven’t really thought of them. PopSockets are designed to be stuck on the back of a phone and then pushed flat when not in use. You pop it off. There’s now an entire ecosystem for PopSocket products, which includes a wide range of accessories like car mounts such as the well-regarded PopMount 2 and countless other PopSocket accessories. There are also many third-party alternatives if PopSockets is not your brand of choice.

Onestone, user and PopSockets non-user, shared his opinion. “I have been extremely happy with the PopSocket basic mount”. It has double-sided glue that sticks well, but will not leave any residue on the dash when you remove it. Msmith, on swedespeed, said: “That is the one that I own and it’s great…It doesn’t interfere with any of my other accessories.” Dixon12 also agreed that Popsocket-made stuff was better.

This is one of the very few mounts to pay attention to aesthetics. It comes in two colours, has a unique ring-shaped design, and thoughtfully designed cord grips. Amazon reviewers gave this mount a high rating of 85% and recommended that it be used either on the dash or on a windshield.

In recent years, distracted driving has become increasingly dangerous as people try to stay in touch even while behind the wheel. You may still need to use the smartphone to play music, navigate to your destination or even text if it’s not your thing. You may be a driver with a ridesharing service such as Uber, Lyft or Sidecar and you need to check your phone periodically.

A phone holder or mount can be very useful. These are extremely inexpensive and an affordable way to stay safe on the road. Phone holders or mounts that are ideal will allow you to keep your phone at a handy location so you can quickly check it or switch to another track on your playlist, without having to take your eyes off of the road.